Application of EPS granules made by EPS granules machine

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EPS recycling machine
EPS recycling machine

The EPS granules machine is also named as foam granulator. The raw materials for feed the machine is EPS foam materials.The output are  granules which can be different colors like white,tea etc,they can be different application as raw materials for making new products.

The PS recycled granules produced by the two-stage screw extruded foam granulator equipment are mainly used to make the XPS extruded board, PS foam frame, PS foaming building decoration materials, foam frame, and skirt line and other frame finished products. Then, they sell them to these factories around the world.

recycling pellet

With the increasing of market competition, more and more companies are not satisfied with simple and low-level foam granulation by traditional foam granulator. So,they invest with new tech EPS granules machine and renew the chemical properties for making.They mix new properties to materials by adding various additives during foam extruding, thereby increasing the added value of PS recycling materials to achieve high-quality granules.

eps pelletizing machine
eps pelletizing machine

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