How to deal with the odor pollution that the foam granulator produce

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EPS recycling machine
EPS recycling machine

People who want to enter the foam granulation industry have a concern with the machine for production.The foam granulator will produce odor during the production process, which is not only harmful to the human body, but also pollutes the environment a lot, and the environmental protection department will strictly investigate. Then the foam granulator will not work, and how to deal with the generated gas pollution has become a major obstacle for people to produce foam granulation.

EPS granulator
EPS granulator

First, we know how polluting gases are produced. In the process of foam granulation, there is a link, that is, after heating, the waste foam is fed into the barrel, heated and screwed at the same time, so as to obtain good heating and uniform density. Because the melting point of the foam is low, and some impurities are added, the heating will generate gas, and the more impurities, the more gas will be generated.


In order to deal with the gas pollution caused, it must be solved from the source. It is the impurities in the foam to be treated. The simple way is to wash the recycled foam with high-pressure water, dry it and then use it for production. It is worth noting that the rinsed foam must be dried before it can be used for granulation. If it contains water, the granulated plastic will generate more gas. Another way is to reduce the residence time of the foamed plastic in the host and speed up the production progress. The longer the foamed plastic is heated in the barrel, the more gas is generated, thereby improving the production efficiency and reducing the amount of gas generated. gas. Another way is to increase the gas filter device. On some environmental protection foam plastic granulators, the manufacturer will install an air filter device, which can purify the generated gas.


However, to deal with the gas produced by the foam granulator  ,we must have certain conditions. Production must be carried out on-site, and an air purification system must be installed to purify the generated gas to ensure the environmental protection of the foam granulation process. However, such projects are very expensive, and users with small and medium-sized devices cannot invest in such a large scale. Therefore, we suggest that users can set up air purification equipment to achieve environmental protection granulation, as long as they use common methods.

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