How to solve the problem when strand breaks

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EPS recycling machine
EPS recycling machine

During the operation of the foam granulator, it is inevitable that there will be broken strand, so how to solve this problem?


  1. During the production process, uniform feeding should be maintained to ensure the quality of crushing and melting and normal production. At the same time, it is strictly forbidden to overload the motor. Under normal circumstances, do not arbitrarily change the size of the feed inlet.
  2. Due to the high speed, in addition to the correct and firm installation, good lubrication should also be maintained to maintain the normal operation of the machine. Generally speaking, it is normal for the bearing temperature not to exceed 70 degrees. The main bearing should be greased once a week to avoid using poor quality butter.
eps extrusion granulator
eps extrusion granulator
  1. When the foam granulator leaves the factory, the motor wheel and pulley are all equipped. Do not change it arbitrarily, because the size of the pulley will directly affect the speed of the machine. Generally speaking, the difference from rated speed is 8-10%, which has little effect.
  1. Regular inspections should be carried out by all mechanical equipment, and the foam granulator is no exception. In addition to checking the firmness and looseness of various parts, attention should also be paid to the wear of wearing parts. If the wear is serious, it should be replaced in time to avoid damage to the main components.
  1. Check and clean in time, clean the foam granulator machine in time after the work every day, especially all the melt in the barrel should be pushed out before closing the main machine. It is the driving screw, which usually consists of a motor, a reducer and a bearing.

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