The application of foam granules

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recycling pellet

Foam granules are usually used as foam particle fillers for toys, pillows, cushions, sofas, etc. No static electricity, no smell, no noise, good hand feeling, non-toxic, flame retardant, uniform particle size.

Foam granules are a new type of environmentally friendly foam material with high-strength buffering and shock resistance. It is flexible, light in weight and elastic. It can absorb and disperse external impact force by bending to achieve the effect of buffering. Disadvantages of broken, deformed and poor recovery. At the same time, it has a series of superior use characteristics such as heat preservation, moisture resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-friction, anti-aging and corrosion resistance.

recycling pellet

The white raw material added with electrostatic agent has remarkable anti-static properties. It is also an environmentally friendly material that can be recycled. In addition to packaging, it may also be used in a wide range of fields such as construction, mechanical and electrical engineering. The advantages of good impact resistance and in-variance of cushioning effect make it widely used in high-end furniture, household appliances, instrumentation craft gifts, wood products, glass ceramics, building waterproofing, carpet inter-layer, sound insulation, travel luggage, precision spare parts , various pipeline insulation and other fields. The foam granules are as light and white as snowflakes, as round as pearls, with elastic texture, not easy to deform, good air permeability, comfortable flow and more environmentally friendly and healthy. It is generally the stuffing of throw pillows or lazy sofas, which is widely used and popular among consumers.

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