Pneumatic conveying system for foam crushing machine

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foam crushing machine
single shaft foam crushing machine

When we crush the foam waste by foam crushing machine,we need convey the crushed pieces to foam silo.The conveying system is designed for the work.

Pneumatic conveying system is mainly used for long-distance conveying of bulk materials and particles in pipelines. Solid conveying through positive or negative pressure is an indispensable technology in the powder field to transport materials from position A to position B.

The maximum delivery pressure is 2.5bar positive pressure or 0.6bar negative pressure, the product is fed into the system through air valve, ejector, screw pump or pressure tank. The material properties of the product, the conveying volume and the functional requirements to be achieved will ultimately affect the layout design of the entire plant.

foam shredder

We can customize the design according to customer requirements, based on more than 45 years of experience, Telschig has its own calculation program. We are more concerned with how to select components economically and build the entire conveying system.

The parameters are important for customized pneumatic conveying designs: dense phase conveying fine powder particles and dilute phase conveying coarse or large granular products.The foam crushing machine can be horizontal or vertical hopper,the blower can be split or combine with the foam crushing machine.

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