QA-2000 block eps foam cutting machine

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Main features of eps foam cutting machine:

*The frame is welded by square tube,compact.

*Electric wire cutting,smooth cutting marks.

*Inverter controls motor speed,easy to adjust,smooth running,low noise,accurate size.

*Electrical control box is mounted on the cutter holder,random Motion,easy to operate.

*Vertical cutting is performed simultaneously,

Vertically cutting a desired length.

Cutting sizemm2100×1300×12503100×1300×12504100×1300×12506100×1300×1250
Cutting speedmm/s10-2010-2010-2010-20
Overall sizemm4400×1950×2400 5400×1950×24006400×1950×24008400×1950×2400

eps foam cutting machine is for cutting eps insulation sheets which is used on exterior wall.

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