2020 New CNC foam cutting machine with turntable for hot wire 3D models

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CNC foam cutting machine with turntable is with single hot wire for cutting 3D,2D,block and tapered foam shapes.

1) Hot wire temperature adjustable manually.

2) Hot wire tensioning and stocking roller.

3) CNC foam cutting machine frame is aluminium extrusions materials.

4) Ball screw transmission is with good precision than industrial belt.

5) Devfoam drawing software. Cutting software in computer or hand controller are optional.

6) Independent axis control.

Built-in and split turntable options are available

turntable on hot wire foam cutter

ball screw and hot wire roller of cnc foam cutter

Our CNC foam cutting machine support AutoCAD,CorelDRAW,AI etc software,the DWG,DXF,PLT,JPG format files can be imported,the cutting routine can be automatically generated without programming. and automatically suit the cutting objects.We save the DevFoam software in the USB flash disk and customer can install it in your computer and let us know your computer code,we will permit your usage of devfoam software with our code.

CNC drawing and cutting software


Model No.Cutting Length (mm)Wire Length (mm)Cutting Height (mm)Machine size (mm)

Application display

styrofoam cutting models by cnc 3D cutter

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