EPS sheets performs good on exterior wall insulation

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eps cutting machine
eps cutting machine

With the continuous development of energy-saving technology on building, external wall insulation technology has gradually become the mainstream of building thermal insulation system.scientifically, external wall insulation is an advanced and promising energy-saving insulation technology.

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External wall insulation is to fix a layer of EPS insulation material on the outside of the main wall structure,the eps sheets are cut by eps cutting machine and it is from origin EPS block from molding machine.people use glass fiber mesh to strengthen the outside of the eps insulation sheets and apply bonding glue. However, the construction of this form of eps insulation need lots of labour and it wastes labor. With the continuous development of external wall insulation, polyurethane metal carved panels, EPS panels (polystyrene panels), rock wool panels and other external insulation materials are mainly popular at present, and polyurethane metal carved panels are especially popular. For the best, its heat preservation effect is good,the block system is beautiful and durable, the construction steps are few, and the labor is saved.

polystyrene insulation
polystyrene insulation

The so-called external wall insulation refers to the construction of an insulation layer such as a polyurethane metal carved board on the outer surface of external wall. The external wall is made of brick or concrete. This kind of external insulation can be used for new walls or Reconstruction of the exterior walls of existing buildings. The eps  insulation effect of the protective layer on the external wall has been significantly increased, and its thermal resistance value exceeds 1 m2 •K/W. Because it is insulated from the outside, its structure must meet the requirements of water tightness, wind pressure resistance, and temperature and humidity changes, avoid cracks, and resist the possible impact of the outside world.

eps cutting machine
eps cutting machineeps

It can also interact with some parts (such as door and window openings, through The walls, pipes, etc.), as well as at the corners, surface decoration, etc. However, it must be noted that the function of the metal carved board  is limited to increase the insulation efficiency of the external wall, and this insulation structure should not be expected to play a role in the stability of the main wall. The main wall, that is, the base of the external insulation layer, must meet the requirements of the mechanical stability of the building, be able to withstand vertical loads and wind loads, and be able to withstand impacts, so it is safe to use it, and it should also be able to make the insulation and decoration firmly fixed.

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