How the EPS silo system can automatically work itself

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EPS silo
EPS silo

There many qty of EPS silos in the EPS plant,it needs lots of time and energy to control them if we don’t design them automated.The difficult thing is how to design it to be automated.

We can design them with control box and photoelectric sensor and wires in the system which can monitor the working status.

eps foam making storage silo

For single EPS silo,automatic system can monitor and display its status as empty or full.The valve and fan for it will stop when it is full,start work for next silo automatically thru the set up of controlling system.Until the scheduled duration,silo with preset time will automatically ouput the aged balls.The work can be cycled.There is alarm when single/multi silo is/are full. The alarm can also stop your output work when you want to output specific silo,cause the balls will not come out of silo until the scheduled aging duration finished.You can check silo status,work time etc,and set up the aging duration,on/off specific multi silos,arrange operation authority etc.

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