mineral wool for pipe insulation

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mineral wool pipe
mineral wool pipe

We all know that mineral wool has many uses. In fact, there is a kind of deep-processed mineral wool that has more uses and is more practical, that is, centrifugal mineral wool. Centrifugal mineral wool is a filamentous material made of molten mineral fibrillated by a centrifugal blowing process, and it has to undergo deep processing to form a prototype of centrifugal mineral wool. In this way, products of various shapes can be made, such as centrifugal mineral wool rods, centrifugal mineral wool tubes and centrifugal mineral wool felts are typical products made of centrifugal mineral wool. It has a good sound absorption effect and is more widely used.

mineral wool pipe
mineral wool pipe

The internal structure of mineral wool is fluffy and the overall density is relatively high, which can emit the absorbed sound in time, and the porous feature also enhances the characteristics of noise reduction. Used in places where quietness is needed, people’s needs for quietness can be realized, and its sound absorption ability can be greatly expressed. In addition, the surface of the mineral wool is rough. When sound waves hit the surface of the mineral wool, the sound waves can propagate through the pores inside the mineral wool, causing the vibration of the molecules in the air, which will eventually be canceled out. Another point is related to the thickness of the mineral wool. The thicker the mineral wool, the stronger the sound absorption effect. The thinner the mineral wool has less sound absorption and cannot fully reduce the noise.

How to cut from mineral wool sheets for pipe insulation like above picture?

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