The difference of rock wool and glass wool

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mineral wool pipe
mineral wool pipe

Glass wool and rock wool are widely used in the construction industry, they are different materials,but some customers still don’t understand the difference between glass wool and rock wool. They often think that glass wool and rock wool are the same product. In fact, there is a difference between glass wool and rock wool. , How do you distinguish it? Here are 5 differences explained by us.

mineral wool pipe
mineral wool pipe
  1. Different raw materials and production processes

The raw material of glass wool is mainly glass. It is mixed with various auxiliary materials in a suitable proportion and then sent to the glass melting furnace to be fully melted and then subjected to multiple processes to complete the curing process, product shaping, and cutting to become the intended product. , And then packaging.

Rock wool is made of basalt as the main raw material, melted at high temperature, made into inorganic fibers by centrifugal equipment, then added with special binder and dustproof oil, felted by swinging belt, and changed the fiber arrangement structure through some equipment, and finally solidified and shaped And the new lightweight insulation material made.


  1. product performance is different

Compared with rock wool, glass wool has lower capacity, less slag ball content, lower thermal conductivity, longer service life, and greater fiber toughness.


3. Different product uses

Glass wool is generally used for heat preservation parts below 200℃, and is mostly used for heat preservation of low-temperature pipelines of general buildings and cargo. Rock wool is generally used for heat preservation parts with a temperature of 500℃, and is mostly used for heat preservation of high-temperature thermal pipelines and power equipment.


4.the density is different

The bulk density of glass wool is 10kg/m3-64kg/m3, and the bulk density of rock wool is 40kg/m3-200kg/m3. Therefore, the mechanical strength of rock wool is greater than that of glass wool, so rock wool has become the preferred material for modern exterior wall insulation and fire protection.


5.water-repellent properties are different

Hydrophobicity is also a performance index of water penetration resistance. Glass wool will not be broken due to soaking and raining, it is easy to dry after being soaked in water, and its performance is stable. After being soaked in water, rock wool will collapse and lose a lot of performance.


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