The main parts of CNC foam cutting machine

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cnc foam cutting machine
cnc foam cutting machine

What are the components of CNC foam cutting machine? CNC foam cutting machine use hot wire to cut EPS foam materials,it consists of mechanical parts,electrical parts and software etc.Let’s make a brief introduction.

For mechanical parts:

It consists of machine table,two X axis slider,two Y axis slider which are key components of machine.The machine works thru the two sliders to cut different shapes.mainly,it owns motor,ball screw,slider etc.The work principle is that the motor drive ball screw thru coupling.The rotating motion can turned into linear motion.Each coupling has limit switch to avoid the crash.

CNC foam cutting machine
PSQ300 CNC foam cutting machine

For electrical parts:

It receives signal from computer to magnify it and drive owns below parts.

Control panel: it receives signal from computer and makes pulse signal and send to axis.

Driver:it receives signal from control panels and drives motor to rotate.

Motor:it generate mechanical rotation.

Electricity:it powers machine to work.


For software

We use Devfoam software which is international and new users are easy to draw and use it when they operate the CNC foam cutting machine.we buy and install the software in laptop.

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