Supply automatic polystyrene machine from China

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lost foam casting machine

We supply polystyrene foam machine for insulation sheets,CNC foam cutting machine for polystyrene decorative moulding,polystyrene recycling machine etc from China.These machine are good quality and stock are always available,factory is a brand in China.

arduino controlled CNC foam cutting machine
arduino controlled CNC foam cutting machine

What are included for polystyrene machines?You will need a system to make polystyrene insulation sheets which are made from steam boiler,air compressor,piping system,Silo system,polystyrene prefoam,block forming machine,polystyrene cutting machine etc.Among which are important machines are prefoam,block forming machine and polystyrene cutting machine.

The polystyrene prefoam machine can prefoam the polystyrene chemical beads to be pre foamed in the barrel with the steam and air inside barrel which are from steam boiler and air compressor.The models are available with 120/140/150/160/200 etc and capacity from 500kg/h to 2.2T/h for density of 18kg/M3.It cycles with polystyrene feeding,air and steam in and out,temperature control,pre expanding and output materials,drying etc.The machine can batch work for 1st and 2nd pre foam.The polystyrene beads can be with density for 7kg/M3 for 1st pre foam.After storing in the polystyrene silo for some hours,feed them again for 2nd pre foam,the beads can be with density of 4-5kg/M3.

aws eps cutting line
hot wire eps cutting line

The polystyrene block forming machine can mold the polystyrene balls into block.The machine varies with horizontal and vertical units for their layout.And they vary with air cooling and vacuum cooling.And common forming machine and high performance machine which is bigger capacity and energy saving.We develop different machine for market and get us with your application and we can recommend the best machine for your demand.

The EPS cutting line can cut polystyrene block into sheets.To get good capacity and cutting results,we make the cutting machine into a line and block convey along the line and hot wire cut it.The hot wire can also oscillate when cut is going on.Normally,you will need multiple hot wires for horizontal cutting station,we can automatically set the hot wires.Cause it is a line,we can pack the sheets at the end of the line.Only two labors are ok for the operation and the capacity of polystyrene cutting line can compete at least with three cutting machines.

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