most commonly used EPS recycling machine

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heavy duty eps shredder

The EPS shredder take rotating teeth device for crush big size EPS/EPP/EPE waste into small small sized pieces.It enjoys with good compressing ratio,no extra chemical waste and no rare smell generated.The EPS shredder machine can solve the problem of big size,transportation and recycling difficulty of foam waste.

It is most commonly used EPS recycling machine is EPS recycling industry.

heavy duty eps shredder
heavy duty eps shredder


Model No. 380 250 150
Capacity 150kg/h-300kg/h 100kg/h 50kg/h
Screw Diameter φ350mm φ290mm Φ138mm
Input size 1000mmx600mm 1000mmx600mm 612mmx500mm
Screw rotation speed 36rpm 36rpm 120rpm
Crusher blades 4Sets  10+11+10+11sets 2Sets  9+10 sets 10pcs
Blade rotation speed 120rpm 120rpm 100rpm
Main motor 11.5kw 7.5 kw 5.5kw
Crusher motor 2.2kw X 4 2.2kw X 2 1.1kw
Hydraulic motor 1.5kw 1.5 kw 1.5kw
Production size 380x380mm 250×250mm 100x100mm
 Machine Outline 4800x1500x2500 3000×1300×2100 1200x1000x1400
 Weight 1800kg 1400Kg 850kg


The shafts of EPS shredder for shredding eps foam waste are designed with two rotating shaft at top and one fixed shaft at bottom.


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