Plastic products can be recycled

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foam compression machine
foam compression machine

Plastic products are a very commonly used product and resource in daily life. Although the impact of plastic products on life has many levels, it is inevitable that harmful substances and garbage will appear in the process of production and production. After plastic products are used up, it is easy to cause such a situation that the environment is polluted. The current situation does not allow us to have too much adverse impact on the ecological environment of the earth, so we must reduce the occurrence of this behavior.

foam crushing machine
single shaft foam crushing machine

Most of the plastic raw materials can be recycled by foam recycling machine, but since the recycled plastic (nozzle material) is more brittle than ordinary raw materials, it can only be mixed with new materials (raw materials) and used together, and the maximum proportion should not exceed 25%. in principle. Different types of plastic materials have different melting points and different injection pressures, so they must not be confused in production.

Since plastic products need to be matched with color, plastic raw materials can be divided into: pumped pellets, toner materials, color seed materials, such as adding liquid to color plastic raw materials today. The raw material for granulation is that the pigment has been mixed into the raw material, and each plastic material has been colored, so the color of the product is stable and uniform. The toner material and the color seed material are mixed raw materials of color or toner, and the cost is low, and there is no need to store a large amount of colored raw materials. However, the color is not stable, and it is difficult to control uniformity in production.

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