What is price of recycled EPS pellets with purely white quality

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325 eps pellet machine
325 eps pellet machine

In the first quarter of 2021, recycled EPS pellets with purely white color in Guangfo city from China fell from 7,650 yuan/ton at the beginning of January to 6,200 yuan/ton at the end of March, a drop of 1,450 yuan/ton. The price of Guangzhou Petrochemical’s raw material GPPS525 dropped from RMB 8,330/ton in early January to RMB 6,470/ton at the end of March.

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There are several reasons for such a large drop in the first quarter:

In January, due to the approaching of the Spring Festival, the festive atmosphere in the venue gradually became stronger, and manufacturers in various links gradually entered the state of vacation.

In February, with the gradual expansion of the impact of the new pneumonia epidemic, the recovery of production and sales of pellet mills was hindered.

In March, with the gradual recovery of production and sales, the manufacturers of recycled EPS pellets had more stock in stock before the Spring Festival, and the long-term cost pressure forced the intention to ship more and more strongly. The demand market order situation is not good, coupled with the control of import and export links, the loss of export orders is serious, and the consumption rate of recycled EPS particles is generally slow.

Due to the pre-holiday stockpiling of some demand markets, the demand was occupied in advance, and there was no purchase intention for recycled EPS pellets which are made by EPS pellets machine.

Due to the high degree of market overlap between the demand for new material GPPS525 and recycled EPS pellets, the price of petrochemical manufacturers GPPS525 pellets has fallen sharply following the price of styrene. The price pressure brought by raw packaging materials is obvious, and most of the demand markets have low expectations for the price of recycled EPS.


Market Outlook for the Second Quarter

In April, the price of recycled EPS pellets rose sharply, driven by the increase in the price of raw materials and the high speculation among recycled EPS pellet manufacturers, but the high price could not be maintained for a long time. With the rapid fall in the price of raw packaging materials GPPS, the market speculation of EPS recycled pellets has been suppressed, and the transaction price has begun to decline.

EPS recycling machine
EPS recycling machine

On April 7, 2021, the transaction price of recycled EPS pellets in Foshan market was around 6250 yuan/ton, and the price of Guangzhou Petrochemical GPPS525 was 6480 yuan/ton. The price of raw material GPPS525 continued to rise that week. As of April 10, the price of Guangzhou Petrochemical GPPS525 was 7,050 yuan/ton, with a cumulative increase of 570 yuan/ton. The transaction price of high-quality recycled EPS granules in Dabai Guangfo market has risen to about 6,600 yuan/ton, and the cumulative increase has reached 350 yuan/ton. Although the fluctuation range is smaller than that of the original package, the speculation in the industry continues to accumulate, and recycled granule manufacturers are covering their goods. Intent is getting stronger. After the gradual fermentation and change of the mentality of the industry on Saturday and Sunday, the transaction price in the industry further increased sharply on April 13, and most of them were concentrated at a high level. The price of high-quality large white recycled EPS particles in Guangfo area was 7100-7200 yuan / ton.

The rapid rise in prices in the industry has driven demand, and the demand market has a strong intention to replenish the inventory. The supply of recycled EPS pellets in various regions has been out of stock for a time, and the high price of the transaction range has risen significantly. But soon orders decreased, the impact of the serious loss of export orders appeared again, and the market turned weak again.

After the market price of recycled EPS pellets shot up, as the mentality of the industry gradually returned to rationality, it turned to a low-key arrangement.

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