Small EPS briquette machine for recycling stations

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foam compression machine
foam compression machine

EPS foam materials is one of the major waste materials in our daily life which is still much useful for us after EPS recycling.EPS foam appears with EPS foam box,EPS insulation sheets,EPS decorations etc.We do not dispose them always properly,cause EPS is light and scatter everywhere.Just think about we collect a truck of EPS foam waste and it is small amount in pricing.It makes recycling to be difficult.Not cost effective to transport them at all.We need think about a solution and dispose them properly.As EPS has big weight-to-size ratio,consisting of 98% air in beads.So… what if we compact them into briquette and then transport them? it is a good idea,people are doing it nowadays by compacting EPS foam materials into briquette.

By compacting EPS loose foam with EPS briquette machine,the physical properties of EPS foam keeps.So,EPS recyclers prefer to compact EPS loose foam into EPS briquette.

EPS briquette machine
EPS briquette machine

The principle of EPS briquette machine is to compress the EPS loose foam by spiral screw into briquette.The EPS foam is fed into hopper,and crushed by blades of EPS briquette machine,then the spiral screw can squeeze them into square shaped briquette.The compression ratio can be adjusted by the adjuster at front of machine,its ratio can be 1:30 up to 1:50.

We supply foam briquette machine with hopper vertical,horizontal,tilting type,power with electricity and/or diesel engine,cold compression or hot compression or by hydraulic pressure etc.

Machine Model No.HopperParameter(mm)Power




Remark: Power options with Diesel Engine/Electrical Motor/Hydraulic Pressure

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