how is the design of horizontal hopper EPS melting machine ?

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Frictional heating
Frictional heating

The design of a horizontal hopper EPS melting machine typically consists of several components that work together to melt and process the EPS material. Here are some key features of the design:


Hopper: The hopper is the initial holding container for the EPS beads. It is located at the top of the machine and is designed to feed the beads into the melting chamber.

Screw Conveyor: The screw conveyor is located at the bottom of the hopper and is responsible for transporting the EPS beads from the hopper to the melting chamber. It consists of a rotating screw that pushes the beads forward and also generates heat through frictional forces to melt the beads.

Melting Chamber: The melting chamber is where the EPS beads are melted and fused together to form a solid block. The melting chamber typically consists of a barrel with heating elements that apply heat to the beads, as well as a mixing section that ensures the beads are melted evenly.

Hydraulic Ram: The hydraulic ram is used to compress the molten EPS material in the melting chamber, forcing it through a die to form a solid block.

Cooling System: The cooling system is used to cool the solid EPS block as it exits the machine, helping it to solidify and maintain its shape.

Control System: The control system includes a variety of sensors and controls that monitor and regulate the temperature, pressure, and other key parameters throughout the EPS melting process.

The work principle of EPS foam melting machine

Overall, the design of a horizontal hopper EPS melting machine is carefully engineered to ensure efficient and reliable melting and processing of the EPS material. The machine must be designed with the correct heating and cooling systems, mixing and compression mechanisms, and controls to ensure that the resulting EPS blocks are of high quality and consistent in size and shape.

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