How to select a good quality EPS melting machine from market

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EPS melting machine
EPS melting machine

The working principle of the EPS melting machine is simply that it squeezes the foam according to the principle of pressure generated by the spiral rotation, and compresses the foam by cold pressing. The operator only needs to put the foam into the hopper, and the foam is shredded and compressed by the EPS melting machine to shred and crush, and then processed by the screw mechanism to form a square foam compression block, which doubles the foam volume and increases the density, which is convenient for foaming. Reuse.

EPS melting machine
EPS melting machine

At the same time, because the EPS melting machine is not only environmentally friendly, it also has a high compression rate, saves storage space, saves transportation and storage costs, but also the compressed EPS material is easy to recycle. Therefore, the market demand for it is also relatively large. As a result, there are many manufacturers, but because different manufacturers have different production technologies and raw materials, everyone needs to make a reasonable comparison before making a choice.

The first is to look at the reputation of machine manufacturers. This is because the reputation of the manufacturer can well reflect the quality and reputation of the EPS melting machine from the side, which can help the user to have a simple and preliminary understanding of the manufacturer. Just think, if a manufacturer has a bad reputation in the market, how can we trust his EPS melting machine? Therefore, knowledge of reputation is crucial when choosing a manufacturer.

Then, when deciding to cooperate with a manufacturer, have a good understanding of the manufacturer’s production technology and the workflow of the production line. Because if you want to produce by a high-quality melting machine, you should not only choose good raw materials, but also have advanced technology. Otherwise, you can produce better EPS melting machine.

EPS melting machine
EPS melting machine

Then look at the quality of the EPS melting machine. Although there are many manufacturers producing this EPS melting machine, the quality is indeed uneven. Therefore, when purchasing, you must know more and compare before making a choice, so that you can buy a cost-effective foam lump at a lower price. machine.

Finally, check the manufacturer’s after-sales service. This is because the foaming machine will inevitably have some problems with the extension of the use time. At this time, it is very important whether the manufacturer has a complete after-sales service, because it is related to whether the problems can be solved in time. Therefore, for After-sales understanding is also essential.

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