EPS geofoam machine makes eps foam concrete for road construction

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EPS geofoam machine enjoys with automatic feeding,electric weighing,automatic control and comprehensive info display etc.The control system of eps geofoam machine enjoys with automatic calculation and collect. All the unit of system should be work in cooperation and automatically working.

The density difference of foam concrete should be between 0.02KN/m³.

The comprehensive information display screen shall dynamically display the measurement information and control parameters of each unit. The foaming device should have the function of automatic control and dilution of the foaming agent. Must have automatic alarm and shutdown protection functions.

air-cooling eps block molding machine
air-cooling eps block molding machine

EPS geofoam machine should have no adverse effects on the environment, and polymer composite surface active foaming agents should be used, and animal protein foaming agents should not be used. The density of the standard bubble group should be 45-50kg/m³, the dilution rate is greater than or equal to 60 times, and the expansion rate is greater than 20 times.


The size of the foam produced by the foaming agent should be uniform and fine, the diameter should be less than 1.0mm, and the pore size of the foamed concrete produced should be less than 1.0mm. The settlement distance of the standard bubble column for 1 hour should not be greater than 3mm. The bleeding volume of the standard bubble column of the foam equipment should not be greater than 30ml after standing for 1 hour. The use of foam equipment must meet the corresponding conditions.

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