Difference of plain shaft and sliding guide

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plain shaft
plain shaft for foam coating machine

The linear plain shaft and linear guide have been well used around us, such as the application on our foam caoting machine for architectural moldings, have you guys understood the difference and similarity between the two? Let us follow the editor today to find out!

The linear plain shaft is a product that has the guiding function of the sliding bearing and can perform linear motion. The necessary conditions for these linear motion systems are: simple design, best execution ability, low maintenance costs, use of strict selection of durable materials, high-frequency heat treatment, accurate outer diameter, roundness, and straightness And surface treatment, etc. Straight plain shaft guide is a collective term, including slider and track. Linear guides are also called linear slides, linear slides, linear guides, guide rails, and slides, but they all refer to the same thing. Generally speaking, linear guides specifically refer to square rails with two or four rails.

plain shaft
plain shaft for foam coating machine

Of course, some people call linear bearings and optical axes linear guides, or circular rails. Linear plain shaft and linear guide rail have similar functions, both support and guide. The main difference lies in the installation position. In addition, the shape is also different. The plain shaft is circular, and the linear guide is generally square and has a fixed installation slider on it.

foam coating machine
linear foam coating machine

The linear plain shaft for foam coating machine is generally fixed at both ends, and the suspended connecting part in the middle covers all or most of the radial direction of the optical axis. Linear guide rails are generally close to the equipment installation base on one side and fixed with bolts.

eps molding
eps molding
CHINA made linear foam coating machine works on coating cement on the surface of eps foam mouldings.The motor motions the chain to drive the eps mouldings on the chain thru the mould in the middle which is filled with cement. Bigger coating width requires stronger chain drive. Mould size can be adjustable by ball type screw.
Model No.
Working width
Working height
Max working speed

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