What is the coating thickness on EPS decorative moulding?

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eps moulding
eps moulding

The EPS decorative moulding are installed on the buildings walls,it is coated with plaster/mortar by foam coating machine.You will need ask a question:what thickness of the coatings are there?

It is commonly coated with 2mm to 4mm thickness.Thickness of coating material is as much as space between model moulds and the surface of foam moulding which had been cut.

eps moulding
eps moulding

The surface of decorative moulding will be coated with this foam coating machine to protect the building surface from corrosive weather conditions like rain,hail,storm and temperature difference.

Linear foam coating machine works on coating cement on the surface of eps foam moulding.The motor motions the chain to drive the eps moulding on the chain thru the mould in the middle which is filled with cement. Bigger coating width requires stronger chain drive. Mould size can be adjustable by ball type screw.

foam coating machine
linear foam coating machine
Machine Model No.
Working width
Working height
Max working speed

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