What is Arduino CNC foam cutting machine ?

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To understand Arduino, you must first understand what a microcontroller is. The basis of the Arduino platform is the microcontroller of the AVR instruction set.

1. What is a single chip microcomputer? How is it different from a personal computer?

A working computer must consist of several parts: central processing unit CPU (operating and controlling), random access memory RAM (data storage), memory ROM (program storage), input/output device I/O (serial Line port, parallel output port, etc.). On a personal computer (PC), these parts are divided into several chips, which are mounted on a printed circuit board called a motherboard. In the single-chip microcomputer, these parts are all built into a single integrated circuit chip, so it is called a monolithic (single chip) machine. In addition to the above parts, some single-chip microcomputers also integrate other parts such as analog Quantity/digital quantity conversion (A/D) and digital quantity/analog quantity conversion (D/A), etc.


2. What is the use of the microcontroller?

In actual work, it is not necessary for a computer to have high performance in any occasion where a computer is required. Does a computer that controls the temperature of a refrigerator use a Core processor? The key to the application is to see whether it is sufficient and whether it has a good price-performance ratio. If a refrigerator needs to be processed with Core for temperature control, the price is sky-high.

The single-chip microcomputer is usually used in the control of industrial production and the occasions related to the program and control in life (such as: electronic keyboard, refrigerator, intelligent air conditioner, etc.).


What is Arduino?

Arduino is a set of tools that can be used to sense and control the physical world. It consists of an open source hardware platform based on a single-chip microcomputer, and a development environment for writing programs for the Arduino board. Arduino can be used to develop interactive products. For example, it can read a large number of switches and sensor signals, and can control a variety of lights, motors and other physical devices. The Arduino project can be a standalone project, or it can communicate with programs running on your computer (for example: Flash, Processing, MaxMSP) at runtime. You can choose to manually assemble the Arduino board yourself or buy an already assembled one; the Arduino open source IDE can be downloaded for free.

The Arduino programming language seems to be correspondingly connected to a physical computing platform, which is based on a programming environment that handles multimedia.

Our Arduino CNC foam cutting machine is excellent is performing to cut with directives from software.It is popular to use arduino system.

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