Why use Arduino on CNC foam cutting machine

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CNC foam cutting machine
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Why use Arduino?

There are many single-chip microcomputers and single-chip microcomputer platforms that are suitable for the design of interactive systems. For example: Parallax Basic Stamp, Netmedia’s BX-24, Phidgets, MIT’s Handyboard and others provide similar functions. With all these tools, you don’t need to care about the cumbersome details of MCU programming. What is provided to you is a set of easy-to-use toolkits. Arduino also simplifies the process of working with a single-chip microcomputer, but compared with other systems, Arduino has many advantages in many places. It is especially suitable for teachers, students and some amateurs:


Cheap-Compared with other platforms, Arduino boards are quite cheap. The cheapest Arduino version can be made by yourself, even if it is an assembled product, its price will not exceed 200 yuan.

Cross-platform-Arduino software can run on Windows, Macintosh OSX, and Linux operating systems. Most other SCM systems can only run on Windows.

Simple programming environment-beginners can easily learn to use the Arduino programming environment, and at the same time it can provide enough advanced applications for advanced users. For teachers, it is generally very convenient to use the Processing programming environment, so if students have learned to use the Processing programming environment, they will feel very similar and familiar when using the Arduino development environment.

The software is open source and extensible-Arduino software is open source and can be extended by experienced programmers. The Arduino programming language can be extended through the C++ library. If anyone wants to understand the technical details, they can skip the Arduino language and use the AVR C programming language directly (because the Arduino language is actually based on AVR C).Similarly, if you need, you can also add AVR-C code directly to your Arduino program for the arduino CNC foam cutting machine.

The hardware is open source and expandable-the Arduino board is based on Atmel’s ATMEGA8 and ATMEGA168/328 microcontrollers. Arduino is based on the Creative Commons license agreement, so experienced circuit designers can design their own modules according to their needs, and can expand or improve them. Even for some relatively inexperienced users, you can also make a test board to understand how Arduino works, saving money and trouble.


Arduino is based on the AVR platform, and the AVR library is recompiled and packaged. The ports are packaged, and the registers and address pointers are basically ignored. It greatly reduces the difficulty of software development and is suitable for non-professional hobbyists. Advantages and disadvantages coexist, because it is a secondary compilation and packaging, the code is not as refined as directly using AVR code, and the code execution efficiency and code size are weaker than AVR direct compilation.

Copyright and payment In order to maintain the open source concept of the design, because the copyright law can regulate open source software, but it is difficult to use on the hardware, Arduino decided to adopt the Creative Commons license. Creative Commons (CC) is a license similar to GPL that appears to protect open copyright activities. Under the Creative Commons license, anyone is allowed to produce copies of circuit boards, redesign, and even sell copies of the original design. You don’t need to pay royalties, or even get permission from the Arduino team. However, if you republish the reference design, you must account for the original Arduino team’s contribution. If you adjust or change the circuit board, your latest design must use the same or similar Creative Commons license to ensure that the new version of the Arduino circuit board will be the same free and open. The only thing reserved is the name Arduino. It was registered as a trademark. If someone wants to sell a circuit board under this name, they must pay a small trademark fee to the Arduino core development team members. 

You will know our arduino CNC foam cutting machine very well after you know arduino.Our machine is controlled under arduino system and it can perform very well.

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