What are some common types of EPS shredders used in recycling facilities?

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styrofoam shredder
styrofoam shredder

In EPS foam recycling facilities, different types of shredders can be used depending on the specific requirements and volume of EPS foam being processed. Here are some common types of EPS shredders used in recycling facilities:

1. Single-Shaft EPS Shredder: Single-shaft shredders are the most commonly used type of shredder for EPS foam recycling. They feature a single rotating shaft with blades or knives that cut and shred the EPS foam into smaller pieces. Single-shaft shredders are efficient, versatile, and can handle a range of foam densities and thicknesses.

2. Dual-Shaft Shredders: Dual-shaft shredders have two parallel rotating shafts with interlocking blades or knives. These shredders are known for their high throughput capacity and ability to process bulky EPS foam waste with ease. Dual-shaft shredders offer enhanced cutting force and are suitable for large-scale recycling operations.

3. Granulators: EPS Granulators are designed to produce smaller, uniform-sized particles from EPS foam waste. They typically feature a rotating drum or chamber with sharp blades that chop the foam into granules. Granulators are often used in conjunction with shredders to further reduce the size of shredded EPS foam or to achieve specific particle sizes for recycling processes.


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