what are EPS hot melt lump ?

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EPS melt lump

EPS hot melt lump refers to a solid or semi-solid form of expanded polystyrene (EPS) that has been melted and then cooled or solidified. EPS is a lightweight, rigid foam material commonly used in packaging, insulation, and construction applications.

The production of EPS involves expanding polystyrene beads is by EPS styrofoam densifier and  using heat and a blowing agent, resulting in a foam with a cellular structure. However, in certain manufacturing processes or recycling operations, EPS foam can be melted down to form a molten mass. This molten EPS is then cooled or solidified into lumps or blocks.

EPS hot melt lumps have some specific characteristics and uses. Here are a few details:

1. Form: EPS hot melt lumps are typically solid or semi-solid blocks or lumps with a dense and compact structure. The specific form and size of the lumps can vary depending on the manufacturing or recycling process.

2. Recycling: EPS hot melt lumps can be a byproduct of EPS recycling processes. Instead of discarding EPS waste, it can be processed by melting and solidifying it into lumps. These lumps can then be reused or further processed for various applications.

3. Reusability: EPS hot melt lumps can be reused as a raw material in various manufacturing processes. They can be melted again and molded into new EPS products or used as a filler in composite materials.

4. Energy Recovery: EPS hot melt lumps can also be used as a fuel source for energy recovery. The lumps can be burned in specialized facilities to generate heat or electricity.

It’s important to note that EPS hot melt lumps should be handled and managed properly by EPS hot melt machine, following local regulations and guidelines for recycling or disposal. The specific applications and uses of EPS hot melt lumps can vary depending on the recycling or manufacturing context.

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