What are some common applications or industries that use EPS hot melt lumps?

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EPS hot melt lumps have various applications across different industries. Here are some common applications or industries that utilize EPS hot melt lumps from EPS foam hot melting machine:

1. Packaging: EPS hot melt lumps can be used in the packaging industry as cushioning or void-fill material. They can be melted and molded into custom shapes or used as loose fill to protect fragile items during shipping or transportation.

2. Construction: In the construction industry, EPS hot melt lumps can be used as insulation material. They can be melted and molded into insulation boards or panels, providing thermal insulation for buildings and structures.

3. Manufacturing: EPS hot melt lumps can be recycled and used as a raw material in manufacturing processes. They can be melted down and molded into various products, such as picture frames, decorative items, or other plastic components.

4. Composite Materials: The melted EPS can be mixed with other materials, such as resins or binders, to create composite materials. These composites can be used in industries like automotive, marine, or aerospace for lightweight structural components.

5. Energy Recovery: EPS hot melt lumps, when burned in specialized facilities, can be used for energy recovery. The heat generated from burning the lumps can be harnessed for industrial processes or electricity generation.

6. Art and Craft: EPS hot melt lumps can be used in art and craft projects as a sculpting material. Artists and crafters can melt and shape the lumps into desired forms for creating sculptures or other artistic creations.

EPS styrofoam densifier will do the work.It’s worth noting that the specific applications and industries using EPS hot melt lumps may vary depending on factors such as regional practices, recycling capabilities, and market demand.

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