What should be paid attention to when setting up the hydraulic oil pump?

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eps strapping machine
eps strapping machine

The EPS strapping machine also known as the packaging machine to pack EPS bundles by PE belt,it can be divided into two types: fully automatic and semi-automatic, and its function is to strengthen the packaged items. Hydraulic oil pumps sometimes need to be installed. What should be paid attention to when setting up?

First, the installation quality of the oil pump has a great influence on the stable operation and service life of the pump. Therefore, installation corrections should not be underestimated. The hydraulic pump seat and base must be firm, and the pump shaft must be aligned with the motor.

The set height, length, and diameter of the oil suction pipe of the oil extractor should conform to the calculated value to reduce unnecessary losses (elbows, etc.). During operation, it should be ensured that the cavitation of the pump does not exceed the allowable value. The inner diameter of the oil suction pipe should not be smaller than the specified requirements, the oil suction pipe should not exceed 90 degrees, and the number of elbows should not exceed 2. pcs.Try to connect softly with the pump inlet. The installation height of the pump should be as far as possible from the hydraulic oil flow to the pump inlet.

eps strapping machine
eps strapping machine

The pump suction and discharge pipes should have supporting capacity and cannot bear the pipeline load.

The installation location of the oil pump should be spacious enough for easy maintenance. After the belt hydraulic pump is installed, check the bearing temperature and vibration as follows:

Release the coupling, place the level meter on the pump shaft and base of the electric pump, adjust the wedge-shaped gasket, correct the level of the unit, and properly tighten the anchor bolts to prevent walking. In order to prevent garbage from flowing into the pump from the pipeline, a filter element must be installed in the pump, and the effective cross-sectional area should be 2~3 times larger than the cross-section of the suction pipe.

The above is what I will talk about for EPS strapping machine today, I believe everyone also has an understanding of the precautions for hydraulic oil pump installation. Thank you for your patience in reading. If you want to know more about the strapping machine, please call the service hotline in the upper right corner to consult us.

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