Why PE strapping machine fails to work?

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EPS baler
EPS baler

PE strapping machine generally refers to a packaging machine that binds products or packaging parts with strapping tapes, then tightens the two ends, and thermally bonds with the hot head. The function of the baler is to strengthen the packaged items, so that the items will not be scattered due to loose binding during the process of handling and storage, and the binding is neat and beautiful. What are the factors affecting the bonding of the strapping machine?

The binding force is too strong. Correctly adjust the binding force.

The heating tube spring fails. The hand pulls the spring electric fatigue and irons and sends it between the upper and lower packaging belts, and half of them are glued together. Or the machine temperature is too high. The smoke and dust micro-fan failed, and the temperature of the baler was high.

The power supply voltage is abnormal; this machine uses 220V voltage. Many factories lost power. Then use a long cable, reduce the voltage, reduce the temperature of the soup, and the motor will burn when bundling.

binding machine

Tool bearing broken. The middle blade is broken and cannot be pulled up, stuck by the packing tape.

The blanching position is not adjusted properly. If it is too high, too low, too left, too right, or collides with the wrapping knife, the upper and lower layers of packing tape cannot be heated, and should be adjusted according to the situation. Perm heat-resistant wire failure Check whether the heat-resistant wire is burned out, and tighten the nut when loosening it.

The thermostat knob is not adjusted well. In the electrical control box of the strapping machine, open the cover of the control box, adjust the knob, and turn it clockwise to increase the temperature but decrease it. If the temperature is too high or too low, the bonding effect is not good, so you can’t adjust too much at a time, generally adjust to the scale 4-5.

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