Automatic EPS silo system

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eps silo bag
eps silo bag

Automatic EPS silo system include silo net,silo rack,controlling cabinet,photosensor,spiral pipes and pipe fittings,fan,valve etc.Pre-expanded EPS balls from pre-expander will store in eps silo,then, the eps balls come out of silo until it is fully aged.With intelligent controlling system,operation work on EPS silo will be easy,save labors and capable to control more silos instead of manual operation.

styrofoam silo
styrofoam silo

Automation refers to the realization of expectations through automatic detection, information processing, analysis and judgment, manipulation and control of machinery, equipment, systems or processes (production and management processes) without the direct participation of people or fewer people, according to human requirements. The goal of the process. Automation technology is widely used in industry, agriculture, military, scientific research, transportation, commerce, medical care, services and households. The use of automation technology can not only liberate people from heavy physical labor, part of mental labor, and harsh and dangerous working environments, but also expand human organ functions, greatly increase labor productivity, and enhance human beings’ ability to understand and transform the world. 

Automatic EPS silo system can greatly increase the capacity of your EPS production,with automation,workers no longer worry about the manual work,it reduce the error in production.

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