The machine quality from CHINA improve as a whole

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The quality of machines from the whole EPS industry has improved a lot,as the spare parts are from big factory and fabrication system is profesional.Such as the EPS cutting machine,its electronics are Delixi brand,stepper motor is big brand in shanghai.

Quality is the cornerstone of building a strong manufacturing country. In order to realize the quality and upgrading of manufacturing industry, reshape the comparative advantages of labor-intensive industries such as textile and light industry, and rapidly improve the competitiveness of technology-intensive industries such as high-end equipment manufacturing industry, China must insist on quality first and benefit first, and promote the improvement of manufacturing industry. Quality upgrade and speed up the building of a manufacturing power.   


China has formed a complete industrial system. China’s manufacturing and marketing are global, and the output of more than 220 industrial products ranks first in the world. The quality of some products and projects is approaching the international advanced level. 

At the same time, the management level of Made in China has improved significantly. A number of advanced quality management methods are widely used in enterprises, and a number of successful practices of quality management originated from Chinese enterprises have emerged, such as “quality problem double-return to zero”. Quality consultation and diagnosis work have been continuously strengthened.

China market demand is accelerating its evolution towards individualization, diversification, and intelligence. This has not only spawned a large number of new product quality and brand demand, but also formed a strong force for improving the quality of the supply system.

The brand is a business card for building a strong country. We must tell the story of Chinese industrial brands, publicize and guide the people and enterprises to enhance brand awareness and brand development concepts, establish consumer confidence, and form consumers’ rational brand choices in all aspects

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