Shapewire EPS Grooving Machine for package industry

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EPS grooving machine
EPS grooving machine

Machine Principle

The machine use hot wire to cut EPS foam for various package application.As the rigid hot wire can be bent into different shapes,so the cutting shapes are different.People use the machine to make various molded package.

The shapewire can be moved on different directions thru the motion from machine and many more different shapes of packages can be made thru the EPS grooving machine.So,it is widely used by package industry.

Different application can be from different grooving machines.Let’s see it below.

EPS grooving machine
EPS grooving machine


                                                             Machine models and application


             Semi automatic machine with vertical shapewire rotary


The machine can groove on each EPS pad with each shaped wire for round shapes.The EPS pad can be input manually.There will be many same shaped wire on the machine,we can custom make the rotary wire qty.


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 Automatic machine with vertical shapewire not rotary


The shapwire can not rotate,it can move up and down only like above machine.The EPS panel move forward as the grooving going is for grooving square shapes.


The EPS panel is input manually with semi automatic machine.

The EPS panel is input automatically with automatic machine.

automatic eps grooving package machine
automatic eps grooving package machine


Semi automatic machine with horizontal shapewire rotary

The shaped wire is horizontally set on EPS grooving machine,it rotates for grooving.The machine can be good choice for making round bottle and cup type package. 


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Automatic Machine with horizontal and vertical hot wire for slicing


The machine can groove for bulk qty with the vertical and horizontal hot wires at the oulet of machine.The EPS panel can be conveyed automatically and shapewire can groove automatically.

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CNC machine with 4 axis

cnc foam grooving machine
cnc foam grooving machine

The CNC EPS grooving machine work with 4 axis X/Y/Z/A thru the control of CNC software in laptop.

The machine can cut any shapes with the control from software.We can design single shapewire for grooving on big EPS panel or multiple shapewire for different eps panels which can be clamped by pneumatic unit.

The CNC machine can work like CNC router machine.


Youtube video @




We design with customer application for more machines ……


EPs grooving
eps grooving machine work

Machine application

Mainly for package industry of EPS or XPS materials.

Warranty clause

one year quality warranty. Parts are available freely within warranty time dure to any  quality problem.Parts will be costly price out of one year.Lifelong service.


Special Note

The EPS grooving machine is designed with customer application.It is custom machine.

So,we need to know customer application well before we recommend or give any quotations,like customer input size and output size and shape etc.

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