Maintenance of lubricating oil on foam shredder

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heavy duty eps shredder
heavy duty eps shredder

The foam shredder is a foam recycling machine which is suitable for the shredding of foam sheets, fast food boxes, foam products, pearl cotton products, etc. The foam shredder has a large torque, and such a large torque is achieved by bearings. The parts are composed of inner ring, outer ring, rolling element, cage, and sealing ring. The main function of the sealing ring is to prevent dust from entering the inside of the bearing and affect the operation of the bearing.

foam shredder

When the foam shredder machine is working, the amount of lubricating oil at the connection between the bearing and the shaft should be checked frequently. The bearing uses butter alone. The inspection period of the bearing grease is generally longer than that of the grease, so the selection of butter should be special. Notice. Although the bearing price of the foam crusher is not high, the waste of labor and time caused by damage cannot be ignored. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the bearing well. It is necessary to understand its working performance, technological advantages and shortcomings in order to use the foam shredder well to carry out crushing work.

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