NiCr wire foam cutter to groove foam packages

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NiCr wire foam cutter
NiCr wire foam cutter


To make foam packages by NiCr wire foam cutter, you will need:

  • EPS foam
  • Hot wire cutter
  • Power supply
  • Workbench
  • Safety glasses


  1. Safety first! Always wear safety glasses when working with hot wire cutters.
  2. Prepare your foam. Cut your foam to the desired size and shape using a hot wire cutter. Be careful to cut slowly and evenly to avoid melting the foam.
  3. Assemble your package. Use hot glue or tape to assemble your foam package. Be sure to leave enough space between the foam and the product inside to protect it from shock and vibration.
  4. Test your package. Once your package is assembled, test it to make sure it is sturdy and protective. You can do this by dropping it from a short height or by placing a heavy object on top of it.

Here are some additional tips for making foam packages by NiCr wire foam cutter:

  • Use a sharp hot wire cutter. A dull wire will melt the foam and create a rough edge.
  • Cut slowly and evenly. Cutting too quickly can melt the foam and cause it to tear.
  • Be careful not to overheat the foam. Overheating can cause the foam to char and become brittle.
  • Use a power supply that is powerful enough for your hot wire cutter. An underpowered power supply will not heat the wire enough to cut the foam effectively.
  • Use a workbench to support your foam while you are cutting it. This will help to prevent the foam from moving around and causing the cut to be uneven.
manual EPS scooping machine
manual EPS scooping machine

Here are some ideas for foam packages that you can make with a hot wire cutter:

  • Product packaging
  • Shipping boxes
  • Protective cases
  • Display cases
  • Cosplay props
  • Model airplane and car parts

With a little practice, you can use a hot wire cutter to create custom foam packages for any need.

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