what is continuous foam grooving machine?

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hot wire XPS machine
hot wire XPS machine

A continuous foam grooving machine is a type of equipment used to create grooves or channels in XPS foam boards for the installation of heating elements, such as electric cables or water pipes, in underfloor heating systems.

The machine works by feeding XPS foam boards through a set of grooving blades that are mounted on a rotating drum or conveyor belt. As the boards move through the machine, the blades cut grooves into the foam at a set depth and spacing, creating a pattern that is suitable for installing heating elements.

Continuous foam grooving machine can be automated to feed, cut, and stack XPS foam boards automatically, providing a high level of efficiency and accuracy. They can also be configured to cut different patterns and shapes to accommodate different types of underfloor heating systems and floor layouts.

XPS cutting line
XPS cutting line

Using a continuous foam grooving machine can help to reduce labor costs and improve productivity in the manufacturing of XPS foam boards for underfloor heating systems. The machine can also ensure consistent groove spacing and depth, which can help to improve the performance of the underfloor heating system.

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