foam compact equipment can crush and compact EPS foam waste

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EPS compactor

foam compact equipment can crush and compact EPS foam waste

foam compact equipment can condense the EPS loose foam into compressed blocks which is greatly reduced by size.The materials can be renewable. The foam compact equipment can process EPS without generating unplesant burnt smell so that the operators can work comfortably.
 EPS compactor
EPS Block Scrap is thermal Condensed EPS Blocks which shall consist of clean Expanded Polystyrene Foam scrap,these scraps are processed by foam compact equipment in a thermal reduction process into condensed PS blocks. The EPS shall be fabricated using virgin stock manufactured into blocks having no more than five percent regrind content. All the blocks shall be shop trimmed with smooth and flat surfaces within tolerances of ±0.5% of respective height, width and length dimensions. The EPS shall contain a flame retardant additive and shall have UL Certification of Classification as to External Fire Exposure and Surface Burning Characteristics.
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