Eps arch cutting machine

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Eps arch cutting machine

The machine gives you solutions for some difficult cutting shapes or models,it has more flexibility,cause the cutting wire is shaped with your demand,you can shape it to different models to get cutted models.

shapewire eps cutter  is for cutting any arch shape eps foam products like roman column seat and cap,window frame and other arch three dimensions shape.
shapewire eps cutter
shapewire eps cutter
It works eps foam rotation by speed adjustable motor and the foam will pass thru the shaped hot wire.
Specification: 1200*1200*1200mm
1. The shaped hot wire can make the cut work with good shape.
2. Hot wire is with long life,can be used repeatedly.
3. The elastic bar can be applicated for bigger radius circular foam.
4. The bar height is adjustable.
5. The guide screw is good for adjustment of arch angel.
6. The software for the machine can make the machine cut ball and column shape.
7. Delixi brand electronics are equipped, the temperature of hot wire and cutting speed are adjustable.
foam decorative mouldings by cutting machine
Warranty clause
We give one year warranty service. Parts are available free within one year in case of quality problem
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arch foam cutting machine

FAQs of Eps arch cutting machine?

What’s the Price of Eps arch cutting machine ?
Dear Friend,
if you are interested in Eps arch cutting machine, please contact us first, because that different requirements on the same type Eps arch cutting machine, the price maybe a little different, but we will give you the best price.

What’s the shipping method of Eps arch cutting machine?
We can ship the Eps arch cutting machine as your requirement, usually, we ship Eps arch cutting machine by shipping company, which is more economical, you will save more money.

We can offer all kinds of Eps arch cutting machine, any questions, welcom to contact us.

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