New PU CNC cutting machine

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CNC contour cutting machine
CNC contour foam cutting machine

The PU cutting machine with two-axis oscillating blades offers horizontal and vertical oscillating blades, providing a revolutionary new approach to unprecedented flexibility, accuracy and ease of use. The machine uses a double blades, and all graphics and block cutting processes can be completed without leaving the machine, demonstrating a high level of efficiency and automation.

1. Suitable for a small batch of production with cutting different complex shapes of foam/sponge
2. The PU cutting machine is the newest model design, with a new type of well-designed gearbox which fasten the internal parts better and increase the heat dissipation performance of the equipment
3. The design of new type of conveyor belt increases the stability and synchronization of the conveyor system
4. The design of new type of electrical cabinet reduces the floor area and improves the usage of space by using the space inside the cabinet
5. The console is movable which is easy to observe and operate
6.all the new model machines are in the same series, which can be used in free collocation, improves the automation of the equipment(automatic feeding blades, automatic zero calibration, automatic search for processing range, predicting whether to exceed the material range in advance and so on), and increases productivity.
7. The software can support AutoCAD, CorelDraw/CAD/CDR and other graphics software.
8. A low-cost disposable blade that can be replaced by a single operator within minutes.
9. This machine used to contour cutting furniture, mattress etc related special shape of foam & construction heat insulation hard PU foam used for air-condition and conduit etc.
10. The machine is a unique high tech cutting machine, and it has the horizontal and vertical double cutting blades and one-ups programmed software in China.
11. The machine cutting foam & sponge shape is exquisite and beautiful, the cutting planes are fluent and commute, the cutting precision is very high.
12. The machine adopts the libration blade cutting designed, and the cutting tool can circumgyrate 360°, can carry very high automatic effect, this technique keeps ahead and filling up the technique blank in China.
13. The PU cutting machine has special double high speed libration system which is different from wire cutting machine, and the blade installation is convenient, the operation is simple and the efficiency is very high.

PU cnc cutting machine
PU cnc contour cutting machine with abrasive wire

Applicable fields:
The PU cutting machine can cut foam/sponge blocks into various shapes without making dust.  It can be applied in automotive industry, furniture industry, packaging industry, construction industry and producing of daily goods.

Cutting materials:
Foam, plastic mattresses, rock wool, rigid polystyrene, foam, honeycomb panels, EVA, sponges, sofa furniture sponges, sprayed cotton, soft foam, polyethylene, glass wool, foam glass, phenolic foam, polyurethane, PU Soft Foam, Sticky Foam, Latex, Basotect, Syntactic Foam, Box Foam, Polyethylene

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