What is Fiberglass mesh for EPS building molding ?

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Fiberglass mesh for EPS building molding is a type of mesh made from woven or knitted fiberglass filaments. It is applied to the surface of EPS foam to reinforce it and prevent cracking. You can cut the block into EPS moulding by CNC foam cutting machine.The mesh is typically embedded in a thin layer of mortar or plaster, which forms a protective shell over the EPS foam.

Fiberglass mesh is particularly important for EPS molding because EPS foam is a relatively soft and lightweight material. Without reinforcement, it is susceptible to cracking and damage. Fiberglass mesh provides additional strength and durability to EPS molded products, making them suitable for a wider range of applications.

Fiberglass mesh for EPS building molding is available in a variety of weights and mesh sizes. The weight of the mesh is determined by the amount of fiberglass used in its construction. Heavier mesh is more durable and provides greater reinforcement, but it is also more difficult to work with. The mesh size is determined by the spacing of the fiberglass filaments. Smaller mesh sizes provide a more uniform reinforcement, but they can be more difficult to apply.

fiber mesh
fiber mesh

The selection of the right fiberglass mesh for EPS building molding depends on the specific application. For example, heavy-duty mesh is recommended for applications where the molded product will be subject to significant wear and tear, such as exterior building trim or columns. Lighter mesh can be used for less demanding applications, such as interior moldings or decorative elements.

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