Fiber mesh for EPS decorative lines

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fiber mesh
fiber mesh

Fiber mesh is also called EPS line self-adhesive mesh cloth (or foam line mesh cloth) because of its self-adhesive characteristics. EPS line mesh cloth accounts for a very small cost in the production cost of the entire EPS line, but its role in EPS lines is very large.

First of all, because the main raw material of EPS lines is polystyrene foam board or styrene board, which is a light, soft and easy-to-break material, the mesh cloth wraps the EPS lines to prevent them from being easily broken;

Secondly, there is a layer of anti-crack mortar on the surface of the EPS lines, and the mesh cloth can make the anti-crack mortar on the surface of the EPS lines form the entire tension, making it difficult to partially fall off;

Finally, since the mesh itself has alkaline resistance (depending on the products of each manufacturer), the alkaline components in the anti-crack mortar for the surface layer of the EPS lines can be fully neutralized, making the anti-crack mortar for the surface layer more crack-resistant. Waterproof, heatproof and frost proof increase the weather resistance of the lines.

How the mechanism of EPS foam coating system work?
Let’s talk about the impact of EPS line mesh cloth on the foam coating machine. High-quality EPS line mesh cloth has moderate flexibility, moderate (glue) viscosity, and long (glue) durability. It is flat and does not cause hollowing when wrapped on EPS lines. Look, the automatic grouting is smooth and fast, and the grout surface is smooth and beautiful;

On the contrary, low-quality EPS line grid cloth is easy to fall off and partially hollowed out. It is easy to be hung up by the template during automatic smearing, which seriously affects the speed of smearing and the smeared surface has wrinkles, unevenness and smoothness.

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