EPS shredder Allow Multiple waste application

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The design purpose of eps grinder is to grind big EPS foam waste into different size of small balls/beads/granules etc as your demand.You can get recycled eps balls with size of 1cm,2cm,3cm.we can design and customize the machine with your demand.

Our recycling Machines Allow Multiple waste

The EPS shredder can recycle EPS,XPS,PU etc waste.

Dust-Free recycling

Our EPS shredder don’t create any dust as they work. This is because the EPS is vaporised via a length of rotating knives.And the output can be collected in the mesh.This helps keep a clean, safe workplace and also provides a clean dust-free surface to the finished product.

Simple Operation & Maintenance

EPS shredder is simple design,the motor drive the rotating shaft to shred the waste. The design is simple and so it is easy to maintain.

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