can EPS foam shredder machine recycle PU foam materials ?

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EPS foam shredder machine

PU foam materials refer to polyurethane foam materials, which are polymers obtained by reacting polyols and isocyanates with each other. PU foam materials are widely used in various fields such as construction, transportation, electronics, clothing, and daily chemicals due to their unique physical and mechanical properties and flame retardancy.

EPS foam shredder machine can also process PU foam materials, but the adaptability and processing effect may vary depending on the types and properties of PU foam materials. Generally, the processing of EPS foam shredder machine for PU foam materials is relatively simple, and the processing effect is not very ideal. If you want to process PU foam materials more effectively, you can consider using other dedicated machines or processes. In addition, due to the flammability of PU foam materials, it is necessary to take safety measures during processing and handle it in accordance with relevant regulations.


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