What are some benefits of EPS foam recycling?

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EPS melt lump

EPS foam recycling has several benefits. Recycling EPS foam reduces the amount of energy and natural resources (mainly oil) required to create new foam products 1. It also helps reduce the volume of EPS foam waste that ends up in landfills, which can take hundreds of years.

Recycling EPS foam can also help reduce pollution and protect the environment. The EPS foam that is dumped into the sea every year is much more than we think. Waste EPS foam not only causes pollution of natural oceans but also seriously harms marine life.


EPS foam recycling machines are specialized equipment that can be used to recycle EPS foam waste. These machines can help reduce the volume of EPS foam waste by compressing it into compact bales, which can then be transported to a recycling facility for further processing .

There are different types of EPS foam recycling machines available in the market, including foam compactors, foam densifiers, and foam pelletizing machines. Foam compactors use compression to process waste EPS foam, with a compress ratio of 50:1. They work well with EPS, XPS, and PSP scrap material.

  1. Foam densifiers use heat to process waste foam scrap, such as Styrofoam/EPS foam, polyethylene foam, and polypropylene foam, with a melting ratio of 90:1
  2. Foam pelletizing machines are designed to crush and granulate waste Styrofoam or EPS foam into plastic pellets for easy transportation and storage. They have a high degree of automation and produce uniform plastic particles with no pollution .

EPS foam recycling can also have economic benefits. Recycling EPS foam can reduce the cost of waste disposal and transportation, and the value of plastic particles will increase greatly .

If you are interested in purchasing an EPS foam recycling machine, you can contact a recycling machine manufacturer, which offers a range of foam recycling machines, including foam compactors, foam densifiers, beverage dewatering machines..

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