Can EPS volume be reduced by EPS shredder ?

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styrofoam shredder
styrofoam shredder

An EPS shredder can reduce the EPS volume,but also it can benefit you more:

Volume Reduction: EPS foam is lightweight and bulky, occupying significant space in landfills or during transportation. EPS shredders help reduce the volume of EPS foam waste by breaking it down into smaller pieces. This volume reduction allows for more efficient storage, transportation, and handling of the material.

Energy Recovery: In some cases, shredded EPS foam can be used as a fuel source for energy recovery. Shredding the EPS foam increases its surface area, which can enhance its combustion efficiency. Shredded EPS foam can be used as a supplemental fuel in industrial processes or waste-to-energy facilities.

Packaging Void Fill: Shredded EPS foam by an EPS shredder, also known as loose fill or packing peanuts, can be used as void fill material in packaging applications. The shredded foam provides cushioning and protection for fragile items during shipping and handling. EPS shredders can produce loose fill material from larger EPS foam pieces or from recycled EPS foam.

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