What are the application of EPS ingots?

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EPS melt lump

EPS ingots are made by EPS styrofoam densifier, it has beenĀ used in various applications, including:

Packaging: EPS ingots can be cut and shaped to create protective packaging solutions, such as foam inserts, corner blocks, and packaging fillers, to protect delicate and valuable items during transportation.

Construction: EPS ingots are used for insulation purposes in buildings. They can be installed in walls, roofs, and floors to enhance thermal efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Manufacturing: EPS ingots are used as a raw material in the manufacturing of various products, such as decorative moldings, signage, flotation devices, and stage props.

EPS ingots can vary in size, density, and specific properties depending on their intended application. Manufacturers can provide detailed specifications and guidance on the specific type of EPS ingot suitable for a particular use.


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