Can EPS compact be extruded into granules?

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EPS granulator
EPS granulator

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) compact, also known as EPS blocks or densified EPS, is a denser form of EPS foam that is typically produced by compacting and melting EPS waste or scrap materials by EPS compactor. While EPS compact can be further processed, it is not typically extruded into granules.

The extrusion process involves melting a material and forcing it through a die to create a specific shape or form, such as granules or pellets. EPS compact is already in a melted or densified state, and the extrusion process isĀ  commonly used to further break it down into granules.


EPS compact is more commonly used as a feedstock for other EPS manufacturing processes, such as re-expansion or remolding. In these processes, the EPS compact is heated and expanded to its original expanded form or molded into new shapes.

If you are looking to obtain EPS granules or pellets for specific applications, it is more common to start with EPS raw beads or resin, which are specifically designed for extrusion or pelletizing processes from EPS granulation machine. EPS raw beads are small, spherical particles that can be melted and extruded into granules or pellets using specialized equipment.

It’s important to note that the availability and suitability of specific processing methods may vary depending on the location, equipment, and specific requirements. If you have specific needs or questions about processing EPS compact or obtaining EPS granules, it is recommended to consult with EPS manufacturers or recycling facilities that specialize in EPS processing and recycling.

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