how to divert EPS into collection bins?

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Diverting EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) into collection bins can be done using different methods depending on the context and specific facilities available. Here are a few common approaches:

1. Manual Sorting: In some cases, manual sorting is employed, where trained workers stationed along the sorting line visually identify and manually separate EPS from the waste stream. They can use their knowledge and expertise to identify EPS based on its appearance, texture, or other distinguishing features. Workers then physically place the EPS items into designated collection bins.

2. Automated Optical Sorting: Advanced optical sorting systems can automatically detect and sort EPS based on its unique characteristics, such as color, density, or shape. These systems employ cameras and sensors to analyze the waste stream in real-time. When the optical sorter identifies EPS shredder, it activates air jets or mechanical arms to divert the EPS into the designated collection bins.

3. Air Classification Systems: Air classification systems can be used to divert EPS into collection bins. These systems use controlled air streams to separate materials based on their density and aerodynamic properties. By adjusting the air velocity and direction, the air classifier can lift and separate EPS particles, allowing them to be directed into specific collection bins.

4. Conveyor Belt Systems: Conveyor belt systems are commonly used in waste sorting facilities. By adjusting the speed and inclination of the conveyor belt, operators can guide EPS items towards designated collection bins. Workers stationed along the conveyor line can manually push or guide EPS items into the appropriate bins as they pass by.

5. Chutes or Slide Systems: In certain setups, chutes or slide systems can be installed to facilitate the diversion of EPS into collection bins. These systems use gravity to direct EPS items into designated bins. By positioning the chutes strategically and incorporating appropriate angles, EPS waste can be directed accurately and efficiently.

It’s important to note that the specific method used to divert EPS into collection bins can vary depending on the design and layout of the recycling facility like foam granulator, available equipment, and the level of automation. In some cases, a combination of manual and automated methods may be employed to achieve efficient sorting and diversion of EPS waste.

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