Hot wire XPS cutting line for underfloor heating sheets

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XPS cutting line
XPS cutting line

The XPS cutting line take straight conveyor to convey and feed the XPS board,the conveyors drive the sheets and then grooves by hot wire The hot wire XPS cutting line uses hot wire to groove with and workers can bend the hot wire into different shapes,so,you can groove different shapes on XPS sheets.The XPS cutting machine application can be on EPS board,XPS sheets,foam panels and underfloor heating slabs etc.

Increasing both the efficiency and the response rate of your underfloor heating sheets. Our hard insulation boards measure 620 x 600mm or 600 x 600mm for 20mm boards, making them super easy to handle.

They have been specially designed for use with our underfloor heating systems. The insulation boards provide a high thermal barrier between the subfloor and also the final floor covering.


XPS cutting machine
XPS cutting machine

The hot wire can continuously groove on XPS sheets and it makes the capacity very good.The machine give you low cost and effective solutions for making XPS underfloor heating sheets.Welcome to enquire with our machine.


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