What spare parts of foam pelletizing machine to be made up of ?

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What spare parts of foam pelletizing machine to be made up of ?

The extruder is made up of barrel, screw, barrel cover and end cap. The barrel is made of special steel tube and equipped with heating jacket to heat uniformly inside the barrel. The screw is located at the bottom of the barrel, which can be rotated by motor through pulley and transmission belt. The screw has two functions: extruding material into a cylindrical shape and conveying material forward during extrusion process by rotating motion. In order to ensure the quality of extruded products and avoid material sticking on screw surface due to temperature difference between material and screw surface, we should use special lubricating oil in production process as well as cooling device such as water cooling or air cooling to keep temperature balance between material and screw surface.

EPS granulator

An foam pelletizing machine is the principle piece of equipment in an EPS injection molding machine. It is constructed of steel (the barrel) and screws with temperature cooling capabilities. A motor turns the screw, which acts as a conveyor belt for moving plastic towards the die.

A screw of foam pelletizing machine is a rotating cylindrical device that pushes and/or pulls material through a tube. There are many different screw designs; this design places usage of screws in perspective by highlighting the fact that most applications of screws involve amplification, reduction, and/or rotation of a forceinputting a material, often with a constraining effect as in with screws. 

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