What kind of EPS crusher can crush densified EPS bricks ?

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foam shredder - Foam Recycling Machine

What kind of EPS crusher can crush densified EPS bricks ?

EPS crusher consists of frame,machine body,crushing shafts,blades,motor,and motion system.The hopper is big size for feeding,there is protective curtain at hopper which can protect the materials back after feeding.
The machine body of EPS crusher takes good steels which is corrosion resistant and enjoys long life.The motor enjoys 22kw with big power and good capacity.EPS crusher can be applicated for crushing a wide range of materials including EPS compact,EPS hotmelt,EPS waste,Plastic crates etc.
foam shredder - Foam Recycling Machine
Working Principle
EPS crusher can crush big size waste into 5-10cm size pieces by its rotating shaft.it can reach 1200kg/h.The machine is designed with simple structure and it enjoys long life.
Machine application
EPS crusher can crush the foam panels,hotmelt,EPS compact,PU foam panels,cut-offs,food container,packaging foam etc.After crushing,the crushed pieces will be fed into foam pellets machine to make pellets.EPS crusher is one of the foam recycling machines.


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